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93Block - Urban park and underground shopping center

"The commercial space in the basement benefits from natural light coming from the openings in the park"

Client / Owner: Shanghai Chengpin Entreprise Group Co.
Location / Place: Shanghai, Yangpu district (China)
Area landscape / Surface park: 4786sqm / 4786m²
Retail area / Commercial area: 1951sqm / 1951m²
Year / Year: 2017
Cooperation / Collaboration: ---
Status / Status: Completed / Realized
Photos / Pictures: Pixinity (Minh Tang)

The project is located on the north part of Shanghai in the commercial area under development of the Yangpu district near the university campus of Tongji and Fudan.


The local government, concerned about the lack of green space in the district, decided to focus on the re-vegetation of the area with the creation of a green belt along the river. By partnering with private developers, the government allowed some of them to use the basement of the green belt for new business activities.


The project occupies a part of the green belt. The site will benefit from the dynamism of the new metro line under construction with which it will have a privileged relationship.


The commercial area in the basement is partially opened with natural light and has access to the subway entrance. And finally the parking space is in the second basement level, with an automatic machine which can double the number of cars parked.



The commercial space in the basement benefits from natural light coming from the openings at the top. It is accessible on each side there by stairs leading either to the street or to the car park.

The subway exit will create a living space constantly busy with a lot of students living in the surrounding and easily accessible.

This new commercial space will have a maximum of 20 shops in the near future.

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