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ACCM - 27 Housing units for seniors & young professionals

"The project establishes a common architectural and material coherence for the buildings on these three plots while preserving their contextual uniqueness"

Client / Client: Caen La Mer Habitat
Location / Location: Caen, Normandy, France
Area / Surface: 1380sqm / 1380m²
Year / Year: 2022
Cooperation / Collaboration: ITE, Delta Fuildes, Matimoperle, Mosaic, Acoustibel
Status / Status: Cancelled / Abandonné

The social housing landlord, Caen La Mer Habitat, has embarked on an ambitious project to develop 27 intermediate housing units, primarily consisting of two-bedroom apartments, intended for senior residents and young professionals. These housing units will be distributed across three separate sites located in the northern part of the city of Caen.


All three plots chosen for this initiative are located within a radius of less than 500 meters from each other. The first plot is situated along Rue de Secqueville, adjacent to a sports hall. On this plot, a real estate program comprising eight housing units, spread over a maximum of two floors (R+1), is planned.


The second plot is located along Rue de Cussy, and the project envisions the construction of twelve housing units, spanning a maximum of two floors (R+2). It is noteworthy that this plot has the particularity of housing a large rainwater retention basin, contributing to the collection of rainwater for the neighborhood.


Finally, the third site is located on Rue de Norrey and is part of a public sports area. A portion of this sports zone will be allocated for the construction of a building containing seven housing units, also with a maximum of two floors (R+1).


Despite the different locations of the plots, our approach has been to create a common architectural and material coherence for the buildings on these three plots while preserving their individuality based on their specific contexts. Thus, all the buildings share a similar placement strategy, organized in a sequential manner to ensure visual perspectives in various directions, along with the use of railings and coverings adorned with golden elements.


**Rue de Secqueville (8 housing units):** The Rue de Secqueville will be the location for a residential complex comprising eight housing units. This building has been designed to create a new architectural facade that seamlessly integrates with the alignment of neighboring structures while extending towards the rear of the plot. In parallel with the adjacent sports facility, an emergency access path has been preserved.


It is a stair-type building, with its volume featuring successive setbacks, providing all the housing units with diverse orientations and views of the street. The balconies are positioned perpendicular to the facades to ensure optimal views of the public space. Furthermore, all the ground-floor apartments have private gardens.


All parking spaces have been strategically placed along the plot's edge, thereby minimizing their impact on the terrain.


To the northeast of the plot, the building's facade accommodates all horizontal and vertical circulation for the residence. The corridors on the upper floors follow the building's architectural setbacks. On the ground floor, the pedestrian pathway has intentionally been set back from the facade to preserve residents' privacy, while the openings on the upper levels are more discreet in terms of size and number.


The areas designated for household waste and bicycles have been integrated into the section closest to the street, making them easily accessible while reducing their visibility from the street to the heart of the plot.


**Rue de Cussy (12 housing units):** The Rue de Cussy will be the location for a residential building consisting of twelve housing units. The building is situated on a spacious plot that houses a rainwater retention structure. Its layout incorporates successive setbacks, both to preserve a tall existing tree and to maintain a distance from ground-level technical equipment.


The building's volume spans three levels, thereby respecting the scale of preexisting townhouses in the vicinity. When observed from the street, one can note the covered exterior walkway that follows the facade's line. It is a linearly configured building, with few openings facing the street, thereby preserving the residents' privacy.


Parking spaces have been arranged in front of an existing tree, an area that is challenging to develop.


The living spaces of the apartments are oriented to the southeast, ensuring optimal sunlight throughout the day. Each ground-floor unit has a private garden with a terrace. The balconies are positioned to avoid casting shadows from one level to another and to further enliven the facade. The technical equipment volume is clearly distinguishable due to its small size. It follows the stair-stepped placement logic of the building and is situated closest to the street.


**Rue de Norrey (7 housing units):** Access to the plot where the intermediate building is located is carefully designed to maintain a certain level of discretion. From Rue de Norrey, the parking spaces, aligned with the street, partially obscure the entrance. The main entrances and the walkway leading to the apartments are fully revealed either when entering the plot or from the wooded area adjacent to the Saint-Paul neighborhood house. This arrangement ensures protected access, preserving residents from noise disturbances and prying eyes, with a pedestrian pathway set back from the facades to guarantee residents' privacy.


From Rue de Secqueville, one can observe the stair-stepped placement of the building facing the sports field. The building is primarily oriented towards the southwest. All ground-floor apartments have spacious gardens, while those on the first floor enjoy continuous large balconies. The stair-stepped layout of these balconies ensures privacy for each unit. Thus, from the street, the building appears relatively discreet, but it fully opens up thanks to its generous balconies and large openings. Additionally, attractive pergolas complement this spatial arrangement, providing welcome sunshade for summer comfort.

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