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"Kitoko… means « beauty » in lingala. 

Every building is « beautiful » and unique as long it has a meaning"

Beautiful, not just from an aesthetic point of view, but because it is integrated harmoniously to its urban, social and economic context ; beautiful as well thanks to the solutions it brings and finally, beautiful by the quality of its details.

We believe in the strength of an expressive, bold and sustainable architecture that cleverly meets the requirements of our clients. An architecture that testifies to its time and asserts itself in its environment.

Although beauty is a very subjective concept and architecture is a field unknown of certain, each one of us can still experiment and, therefore, appreciate a well-thought architecture.

Thus, the search of a meaning is a one of the main factor that leads to beauty. Every piece of architecture can become beautiful as long it has a meaning.


It is this search for meaning and solutions which directs our vision of architecture.

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