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AIA - Algéco modular school

"The superposition and offsets of the Algeco block allows classes to enjoy an outdoor space"

Client/Maître d'ouvrage:Wilmotte Foundation
Location/Lieu:Ivry sur Seine, France
Area/Surface: 2500sqm/2500m²
Cooperation/Collaboration: ---
Status/Status: Competition/Concours

What will be the classroom of the future? How education should evolve to meet new concerns?

The school of tomorrow should be green, open, lively and class could be done partly in nature. The project seeks to meet these new objectives.


The project is located in a large urban district in a really narrow site. The narrowness of the site has not been seen as a constraint but rather as an opportunity to create an intimate school, protected from the street.

Each class is a combination of several Algeco modules. They are grouped in pairs, one above the other. The game of superposition and offsets of the Algeco allows classes to enjoy an outdoor area which is the continuity of the class (outdoor spaces which can be use according to season).

Each block of classes is covered with a composite material reminding the shape of "Lego" or with a colorful metal mesh overgrown by vegetation. The random arrangement of class volumes gives the impression that the building was set on a vegetal bed. Écouter

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