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ALO22 - Creation of two apartments

"The two apartments have a stunning view over the rooftops of Paris and over the Sacré Coeur"

Client / Client: Private / Privé
Location / Place: Paris, France
Area / Surface: 102sqm / 102m²
Year / Year: 2015
Cooperation / Collaboration: ---
Status / Status: Completed / Realized
Photos / Pictures: Fabienne Delafraye

The ALO22 project consists in renovating and creating two apartments on the last floor of a Haussmann building which previously was used as a maid’s rooms floor. The project is located in the city centre of Paris near the famous Parisian department stores: Printemps and Galeries Lafayette.


The floor was totally abandoned with the walls falling apart. Despite all these elements it has great potential with beautiful volumes following the existing roof shape. The two apartments are facing north and get a diffuse and uniform natural lighting throughout the day. In addition, the two apartments have a stunning view over the rooftops of Paris and over the Sacré Coeur.


The floor division is made equally between the two apartments with a similar program for each of the two lots: living / dining room, kitchen, office, bedroom and bathroom. Each apartment is about 50sqm.


In order to keep a volume with a comfortable size, all the reception areas including the office were treated with a custom-made furniture with verticals screens that ensure the spatial division of the different functions while providing a visual relationship thanks to their transparency.

A podium completes this functional division. It also hides the plumbing and electricity networks and can accommodate an additional sleeping space or some storage.

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