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ALO24 - One bedroom apartment renovation

"From the living room, you can enjoy the large volume of the apartment with a completely open plan layout"

Client / Client: Private / Privé
Location / Place: Paris, France
Area / Surface: 46sqm / 46m²
Year / Year: 2015
Cooperation / Collaboration: ---
Status / Status: Completed / Realized

The project consists of fitting out a 46m² apartment in a completely refurbished Haussmannian building. Apart from the bathroom which was already completed, the apartment did not include any fittings to live there properly. Our intervention therefore consisted in defining the future living spaces and the uses for the future occupant.


Thus, the entrance has been designed to create a transitional space between the common areas and the heart of the apartment.


A series of full height storage has been installed. These will serve as wardrobe and storage for shoes. Its positioning, close to the front door will facilitate its access and will then offer its user a large storage space. In addition, this entrance includes a large window which makes the space very bright and pleasant. A full height mirror will be positioned in the extension of the wardrobe.


The kitchen has been fitted out but not completely partitioned, the separation between the kitchen and the living room is made with a partition which clearly delimits the two spaces.

The layout  incorporates low furniture including household appliances, a series of high storage units as well as a cabinet that can accommodate a refrigerator. The separation between the kitchen and the living room is done with a partition which clearly delimits the two spaces.


The apartment now has a real bedroom separate from the rest of the apartment.

It will be accessed by a sliding door. The latter will be the only passage to access the toilets and the bathroom.

In order to maintain the feeling of a large volume, it can be opened to the maximum and will allow the whole apartment to benefit from the light.  of its windows and will create an environment  pleasant.


Back to this separation, we can install a television cabinet and a series of storage. The positioning of the television will therefore be perpendicular to the window to avoid reflections on the screen. We will position behind the sofa, a desk which will be an element on which the latter will lean.


To complete the bedroom, a large full-height dressing room occupies the entire wall facing the bed.


From the living room, you can appreciate the large volume of the apartment thanks to a completely open plan layout which offers an unobstructed reading of the space.

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