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IBM - Brétigny townhall renovation

"The patio becomes the central spot of the town hall, acting as a space for strolling and as an articulation between the new poles"

Client / Client: City of Brétigny
Location / Place: Brétigny, France
Area / Surface: 250sqm / 250m²
Year / Year: 2017
Cooperation / Collaboration: ---
Status / Status: Proposal / Etude

The Brétigny town hall public area will see its activity increase considerably in 2018. New administrative procedures have been assigned to it by the prefecture, including the installation of a new biometric station, biometric identity, PACS registration etc ...


It is in anticipation of the influx of additional people (notably from neighboring municipalities not equipped with biometric stations) that the city has decided to reorganize the reception area of the public within the town hall while restoring conviviality. It also wishes to reinforce the confidentiality of users during the consultations at the counters.


The city also wants to establish its position as a reference city thanks to a modernized reception area and quality services.


The initial project of the municipality considered the reorganization of the public reception and the removal of the existing central patio for the realization of different reception counters and waiting areas.


We decided to keep this central patio and give it a new identity so that it is better integrated into the building. In order to create an entrance more easily identifiable and accessible to all visitors, it has been enlarged it and stretched towards the town hall car park.


Therefore, the patio becomes the central spot of the town hall, acting as a space for strolling and as an articulation between the new poles. It hosts many plant species to bring the sensation of conviviality.

The patio is now covered by an undulating roof whose height varies according to the spaces it serves. Therefore the volume is bathed in natural light throughout the day.


The reception of the public is now made thanks to a reception desk on the patio and the waiting room. This room has been completely reorganized to accommodate a larger number of users. A bench in a shape of a revisited spike is winding through the waiting area offering more seats for visitors.


The back of the patio serves the individual counters opened on this new inner garden while being set back to preserve the desired privacy.

The patio is now a hyphen between the various functions of the town hall, a green lung in the heart of the building.

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