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IDOT - Deauville tourism information center

"These furnitures are animated by openings that lighten the volumes and remind the windows of a building"

Client/Maître d'ouvrage:Ville de Deauville
Location/Lieu:Deauville, France
Area/Surface: 400sqm/400m²
Cooperation/Collaboration: ITE, Boulard, Bader
Status/Status: Completed/Réalisé
Photos/Pictures: Fabienne Delafraye & Kitoko Studio

The current tourist information center doesn’t correspond anymore to the image Deauville wants to show to the visitors. It became too old, without enough space to receive all the tourists in good conditions and the space doesn’t allow the management team to grow. Therefore, the city has decided to relocate this activity into a new building strategically located in front of Deauville-Trouville train station. These new premises, much bigger, are divided into an administration and a public area. It will also allow the city to develop a set of products around the image of Deauville.


Upon the arrival of tourists from Deauville-Trouville train station, they are immediately captivated by the horizontality of the sea and the city unique architecture. All the buildings are different from each other and they draw the skyline with their particular roof shapes.


While approaching the harbor, the tourists discover a shop window with some urban silhouettes and some floating shelves: this is the new tourist information center. This glazed shop window very graphic is a nod to its context. By playing an imitation game, it shows the urban city and the beach waves. It is a showcase having a familiar visual while being unique in its treatment which attracts visitors. This is a drawing of a regional architecture in contemporary features, skillfully inscribed in a glass case.


These silhouettes are animated by openings that lighten the volumes and remind the windows of the buildings. The openings become visual frames that allow people viewing outside or displaying items to be sold. It is a shop window constantly evolving. The entrance of the tourist information center is located at the beginning of the harbor. It is clearly distinguishable by the large opening facing the train station.


During the night, the shop window lights up and looks even more like its urban context. The silhouettes come to life with the various framing. They become one with the city. From the marina, the visitors can admire the night show. All the items in the frames become like people looking towards the harbor and its landscape.


This renovation project as well with the Franciscan Sisters cultural center participates in the city effort to revitalize its tourism activities and cultural heritage.

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