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IDR - Holidays house furniture

"According to the room, the furniture has a different thickness to accommodate all the functions"

Client / Client: Private / Privé
Location / Place: Ile de Ré, France
Area / Surface: --- sqm / --- m²
Year / Year: 2013
Cooperation / Collaboration: ---
Status / Status: Completed / Realized
Photos / Pictures: Private

The main idea of ​​the project is to create contemporary piece of furniture that adapts to the different areas of this holiday house. Each room it goes through needed a specific volume according to a specific need.


The various functions corresponding to the house entrance, the dining room and the kitchen had to mingle along a single wall. So, as it develops, the furniture has a different thickness to first accommodate the kitchen equipment, then it turns into multiple alcoves and shelves integrating a bench, and finally at the house entrance, it becomes a succession of boxes.


If they were placed side by side, pieces of furniture of different thicknesses might not have given the feeling a coherent set. The strategy to bring a unity to the set is to create an architectural staple system between each of the elements in order to create a link between the various functions.

The architectural staple between the pieces of furniture is made through boxes of same materials. They are repeated along the wall and create a hook giving coherence to the whole set.


The house entrance is smooth along a wall hiding a sliding door giving access to the toilets. Two wooden alcoves remind us the depth of the wall which hosts multiple storages. On the facing wall, boxes of the same material seem to levitate above the ground. As we penetrate in the house, the discovery of space becomes clearer. The composition of the wall makes sense and makes us discover this long piece of furniture punctuated by the hierarchical composition of the boxes.


Part of the furniture facing room is a curiosity cabinet with multiple shelves in which can be placed different objects, books, photos and memories of the family.

Drawers are sliding in the lower part along the wall and they become a bench completing the entire furniture and marking the boundary of space. Actually, this central part of the furniture is an articulation between the kitchen and entrance.

The part dedicated to the kitchen is more solid to integrate the equipment and to offer a lot of storage.


This large piece of furniture is completed with a set of smaller pieces that are redefining the spaces of the house such as the bedroom and its dressing or the bathroom.

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