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ILPN - Modern house renovation

"Our intervention was to restore the original geometry to the rooms while bringing a contemporary touch with new materials"

Client / Client: Private / Privé
Location / Place: LePecq, France
Area / Surface: 220sqm / 220m²
Year / Year: 2017
Cooperation / Collaboration: ---
Status / Status: Completed / Realized
Photos / Pictures: Kitoko Studio

Built in the 60s and 70s, this large house of 250m ² of international style resumes the codes of the 5 points of a modern architecture of the famous architect Le Corbusier.


The house is positioned in the center of a steep and landscaped plot. It is made of two buildings in direct relation with the ground and of an aerial volume that gathers the gallery with its long windows and the children’s bedrooms. This is a bridge house.

The exterior routes are multiple with the passage under the house or with the access to the roof terrace that overlooks the city.


The house has known several owners over the years and many alterations have been made to the original project, causing a certain loss of the quality of spaces. In addition, electrical installations no longer meet current standards.

Concerned to find a project consistent with the original intentions of its designers, the new owners have decided to partially renovate the house while trying to retain its maximum authenticity.


The volume of the living / dining room was previously modified with the separation of the space into two distinct areas (a living room and a kitchen) with suspended ceilings which denature and weigh up this space with its beautiful cathedral volume.


Our intervention was to restore the original geometry to the room while bringing a contemporary touch with new materials and more storage spaces necessary for today’s uses.


The kitchen and all the pieces of furniture have been moved and are now located in the most intimate living space with its low suspended ceiling set with spots. The kitchen remains open on the dining room but its limit is materialized by the addition custom-made furniture.


The gallery of the house serves the privative rooms of the house: the children's bedrooms and the parental suite. It is a space bathed with light in which we made slight modifications to the long closed and monochrome storage wall. The addition of open and colored boxes gives a new rhythm to the space. These new arrangements will be appropriated by all members of the family.


The children's rooms, although small, have been slightly modified with the addition of large desks alongside the windows which are turning on one of the walls to become shelves. Each room will have its own visual identity, with the coloring of one wall chosen by each child.


The parental suite has been partially renovated with the addition of numerous storage spaces intended to accommodate both the owners' books and the numerous clothes and shoes while maintaining a certain unity of space.

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