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IPK - Caretaker's apartment renovation

"The whole integrated custom-made furniture fits perfectly to the dimensions and the complexity of the space"

Client/Maître d'ouvrage:Private/Privé
Location/Lieu:Paris, France
Area/Surface: 48sqm/48m²
Cooperation/Collaboration: ---
Status/Status: Completed/Réalisé

The IPK apartment is located close to the Eiffel Tower on a beautiful Parisian avenue. It was previously the caretaker’s accommodation, after it became a storage place before its owner regained possession of it. The space suffered from the passing of time and from the different tenants.


Despite all these issues there was a real potential for this Parisian “Pied à Terre” located on the ground floor and around the building courtyard. The apartment has very little natural light but has a generous area and a high ceiling.


Therefore the project consisted in redeveloping the entire space and trying to bring the maximum of natural light while providing a contemporary interior design. The client needed a modern space where, despite the size of the apartment, many different uses could be possible.


The renovation provides an open-space while delimiting the different functions by the simplest way possible to facilitate the daily use of the inhabitants.


The apartment can have several life scenarios due to different small spaces allowing the client to have numerous activities. So despite the small area of the apartment, it has a fully equipped kitchen with a dining room. It is separated from the living room by a bookcase in "L" shape that looks like a giant “Tetris”.

On the opposite wall, there is a long custom-made furniture whose function changes according to the space. Near the entrance, it is a shoe cabinet on which you can sit. In front of the living room, it becomes thicker and hides the radiator. And finally, in the alcove it becomes a desk top.

A large sliding door separates the living room from the bedroom. When wide open, we discover a small reading area along the window with a lower cabinet on which you can sit. By its design, this space response to the living room furniture. The reading area naturally continues the living room and gives the feeling of a bigger space.

The bedroom has a large closet and a dressing area optimized with many tablets.


The whole integrated custom-made furniture fits perfectly to the dimensions and the complexity of the space. The apartment answers the client's expectations who wanted simple and clean lines and above all a contemporary place.

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