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PIC - New office at the international horse center

"The wall is used successively as information support, reception area, administrative office, entries to administration and toilets"

Client / Client: City of Deauville
Location / Place: Deauville, France
Area / Surface: --- sqm / --- m²
Year / Year: 2014
Cooperation / Collaboration: ITE
Status / Status: Completed / Realized
Photos / Pictures: Kitoko Studio

For this project, our mission was to create an office in the location of the International Horse Center reception area. Currently there is no real reception area and a lack of information in this space which remains a mandatory passage before entering the arena. We even can find an employee desk in the middle of the space which therefore lacks of consistency.


The architectural response we made ​​was to intervene globally throughout the project area rather than providing a punctual intervention by adding another volume, which would have a bad impact on the whole space.


Therefore the access to the International Horse Center is now made along a wooden wall on which golden boxes are displayed randomly and seem to float in the air. Some of these boxes are a presentation support and can accommodate trophies or objects of the Center. They allow the dissemination of information about the activities of the institution. The largest ones are glazed openings that provide the employees a framing on the arena and restaurant.

The reception of visitors is made through two boxes at different heights; they allow providing information to all visitors including wheelchair users.


The wall is used successively as information support, reception area, administrative office, entries to administration and toilets. It follows the curve of the ceiling gently to clear the view of the large bay window overlooking the arena. The upper wooden part encircles the column and marks the general shape of the volume. The intervention emphasizes the directions towards the different areas of the pole in a very pragmatic way.


This geometry was determined by the flow of traffic. The volume is both seen as a gentle and welcoming shape that provides views towards the arena and also as a volume that respects the geometric space of the restaurant. It is a hybrid form that responds cleverly to two distinct constraints of the space by separating physically the restaurant and administration area.


Despite the compactness of the project, the boxes come to lighten the overall volume and when it is lit, it turns into a wooden lantern.

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