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PRA - One bedroom apartment renovation

"Despite the small size, the apartment is full of clever storage and the volume is bathed with natural light"

Client/Maître d'ouvrage:Private/Privé
Location/Lieu:Paris, France
Area/Surface: 27sqm/27m²
Cooperation/Collaboration: ---
Status/Status: Cancelled/Abandonné

The project consists in renovating a small Parisian apartment located on the ground floor of a low rise building and facing 2 courtyards. The goal is also to reorganize the space so that it appears brighter and can accommodate a bedroom, living room, kitchen / dining room despite its small size.


Upon getting inside the apartment, the occupant discovers the volume bathed with light and, despite the small size, it is full of clever storage.

All the white walls create a beautiful light and brighten the rooms.

The bedroom is located in the back of the apartment in order to protect it from the noise, the viewing and to guarantee more privacy.

It has some bookshelves for objects or books, and also a small closet.

From the bedroom, it is easy to access the bathroom, making easier the daily life of its occupants.


The bright living room has a view on the courtyard and gets some natural light all day long. Taking advantage of the great length of the room, a long storage was design which delimits the living room from the kitchen and marks the transition between the two spaces. At the end of the custom made furniture there is a small alcove which hosts a desk that can receive a computer.

The dimensions of the room even allow combining the sofa with additional small chairs.


The kitchen / dining room is the centrepiece of the apartment. The kitchen furniture is fully integrated and looks like an "L" shape in order to have the maximum storage space and equipment. The room has a strong connection with the dining room.

The dining area can fit a table for 2 people and can be easily extend to receive 4 guests with folding chairs arranged on the wall.

The transition between the different rooms of the apartment is fluid and intuitive.

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