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"Kitoko Studio is a multidisciplinary practice of contemporary architecture, interior design, urban planning and landscape"

The studio is also involved in furniture design projects.

Our work, even at these different scales, is always done by paying attention to the context, to the budget and above all, to the respect our client’s wishes. We focus on communicating and sharing ideas among our partners in order to create projects that go beyond our clients’ expectations. From the urban planning to the furniture design, every project is born from a strong concept which is developed until its last detail.


After working in France and England for different architectural firms, including RTKL (London), STUDIO MILOU (Paris), ATELIER UNZA (Paris), and collaborated in China with ZEIDLER Partnership Architects (Shanghai)and HWCD Associates (Shanghai), the founders of KITOKO STUDIO decided to set up their first office in Shanghai to explore the immense potential offered in China. After few years in China, they decided to come back to France.

The studio is now based in Montreuil in Paris suburb, and keeps working on some international projects in China and Congo. The office is also involved in a number of competition.

The studio is led by two partners, Morgane Lasa Zingui and Gaylor Lasa Zingui. 

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